World's first hybrid liquidity provider

Traders do not need to open accounts on multiple platforms to trade from. Finxflo does that for them. Our platform provides liquidity from 25+ exchanges in a single user interface. Best prices, best rates, one wallet, one KYC.

Our platform aggregates bids and offers from the world’s leading exchanges, thereby granting users access the best buy and sell prices. Users implement trades on the platform using Finxflo’s native token.



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1 Account / 1 Wallet / 1 KYC 

About Finxflo

Our Mission & Vision

Vision: At FXF, we believe in a cryptocurrency market built on the values of legitimacy and trust, fully accepted by the mainstream. We envisage a level playing field for all participants, with market distortions and unfair trading practices eliminated, and with the best prices available to traders irrespective of size and location.


Mission: Our mission is to create an industry-leading trading platform to facilitate multi-crypto exchange access and provide both retail and institutional investors with professional grade tools and best prices through a user-centric interface.


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Finxflo (FXF) rating
FinxFlo ICO Rating
Finxflo ICO rating

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Features and advantages


1 Account / 1 Wallet / 1 KYC

Lower trading fees,
no withdrawal fees,
better execution


Unique user experience

ICO Token


 Users pay monthly fees in FXF Tokens


Global Best Bid Best Offer

Regulation / Security


In January 2020 the Payment Services Act 2019 (the “Act”) came into force in Singapore requiring all cryptocurrency exchanges to be regulated. Finxflo was successfully granted an exemption by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) under the grandfathering provisions of the Act, effectively permitting Finxflo to continue its operations whilst regulatory approvals are obtained.

Full MAS Application

We will be submitting our license application to MAS in July 2020. We have engaged the industry’s top compliance and regulatory experts to help ensure that the application process proceeds as efficiently as possible.

Fireblocks – Digital Asset
Security Platform


Being hacked is the number one risk for crypto exchanges. This is why we have selected Fireblocks, used by the world’s largest institutional players, to be our custody partner. Fireblocks is the industry’s leading custody solution. Its patent-pending SGX and MPC technology is SOC 2 Type II, certified by E&Y, and its security is regularly reviewed and tested by NCC Group and ComSec. Furthermore, funds can be insured up to a value of USD 20m. With an innovative custody solution that effectively mitigates the risk of hacks and unauthorized transactions at their source, coupled with an insurance safety net, traders’ funds have never been more secure.

Token Allocation

Token Sale Timeline - Stage 1

Token Sale Timeline
Token Sale Timeline
Who we are

The Finxflo Team


  • James Gillingham

    James is Co-Founder & CEO engaged in developi...

    James Gillingham

    James is Co-Founder & CEO engaged in developing and implementing strategic plans and company policies,...



  • Liam Jones

    Liam Jones is the Chief Commercial Officer at...

    Liam Jones

    Liam Jones is the Chief Commercial Officer at Finxflo. Liam has more than 32 years’ experience in t...


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Token Sale

Start: 15th September 2020 – 11:00 AM (SGT)
Hard cap: USD 10,000,000
Soft cap: N/A
Token: FXF
Exchange rate: 1 FXF Token = USD 0.12
Project protocol: ERC20 + TRC20